Autism Emotions is a science based website that explains the importance of emotions in autism, why autistic people experience unwanted emotions, and how to reduce or eliminate those emotions.

While cognitive behavioral therapy, a standard treatment for depression and anxiety, may help some people, it doesn’t address the root causes of those emotions in autism and may even be harmful if the therapist doesn’t have a good understanding of autism.

Learn about Emotions in Autism

Cause of Unwanted Emotions in Autism

Learn the purpose of emotions, what causes your feelings, why you feel worse in situations that don’t seem to bother most people, and what you can do to reduce or eliminate unwanted emotions.

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Low Self-Esteem

Do you see yourself as inferior, doubt yourself, or think there’s something wrong with you? Learn how to be confident and feel good about yourself.

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Classical Conditioning
How to Reduce Conditioned Emotional Responses

Are you sensitive to criticism? Do you worry about people thinking you’re weird? Are you hesitant or afraid to be yourself? Learn how to become less sensitive so you can be yourself and not feel worse when people criticize you or react negatively.

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